I'm Charlotte!

I'm a Frontend Software Devloper with a strong passion for building responsive and performant web applications with great user experiences that positively impacts the world. My goal in life is to help people and design for all is a great place to start!
Here's a bit more about me.

Here are some of my projects!

  • instrumentalise Project Screenshot of homepage


    HTML, JavaScript, P5.js, SCSS, Bootstrap CSS, jQuery

    This was my university final year project. It's a music application that allows you to play with a keyboard on screen, write and listen to music with ABC notation and finally upload a track to apply effects on it and see what happens.

  • Library E-Commerce Project Screenshot of homepage

    Library E-Commerce Project

    Html, JavaScript, CSS

    This is a nicely styled homepage example of an e-commerce application. Created to practice HTML and CSS best practices.

  • Treact Template Project Screenshot of homepage

    Treact Template Project

    Html, CSS, JavaScript

    Recreation of this webpage. This project was to replicate an existing website homepage to practice HTML, CSS and Flexbox.

  • E-Portfolio V1 Project, Screenshot of homepage

    E-Portfolio Version 1

    Html, CSS, JavaScript

    This was the first e-portfolio I created! All projects feature on both e-portfolio's as I love the styles of both.